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The initiative

The qualitative and quantitative growth of the activities organized by FENIARCO made pressing the setting of avant-garde technological instruments, that are kept up with the modern times of “electronic globalization”, able to satisfy the needs of efficiency, effectiveness, quickness and immediacy expressed by the general associative basis. With the new initiative "FeNiaRCo: SoLo CoRaLiTà…" the Federation, together with the Regional Associations affiliated to it, wants to go on with the route that it began with the initiative “Coralmente” in order to have an electronic Data Base working as a true virtual archive. It has to collect and catalogue all data and documents from which people can easily ad quickly obtain information, statistics, appointments, repertoires and more about choral world and the activities related to it. So it’s necessary to go on with the route we have undertaken in order to complete the informatics process we have begun and to implement it with the appropriate equipment for the demands and real needs come out through time.

The idea from which the initiative came

It’s given that we are in the middle of the computer era: the technological progress has deeply and surprisingly influenced all the fields of social life, including also that of non-profit. The strategic investment in modern computer technologies produces direct and indirect advantages such as the decrease of costs and the related spare of time, resources and current expenses. Informatics represent an opportunity of qualitative and quantitative growth for Italian choral world, within and beyond national borders. It can contain a cultural, historical and artistic heritage that constantly lives and grows, a resource that is at disposal of the single and even most little realities. So, in order to give a real value to this structural turning point, it’s necessary to develop a “digital culture”, so that the usage of computer instruments and of internet in particular becomes little by little a constant and essential habit to make one own associative activities.

The aims

The aim of the initiative is to continue living to the single peripheral structures of FENIARCO all the suitable and adequate technical instruments to satisfy at best their needs of efficiency, effectiveness, quickness and immediacy to develop and realize their activities. I.e., we want to give them the best objective and structural conditions to optimally make their duties of social promotion: so, to enforce the embryonic “virtual knot” able to make the maximum number of territorial realities converse, making easier for them routes, knowledge, and the attainment of the necessary instrumental know-how, promoting also the exchange of the realized experiences. In the frame of this initiative, the above mentioned generic aim becomes the specific aim of giving to the single territorial seats of the associations updated and adequate but also quick and complete instruments of consultation that permit them to complete their tasks with more operative quickness without useless and bothersome losses of time and with less current expenses: for example how easy will be to find documents or other data contained in the Data Base that can offer interesting project ideas and that can avoid expensive researches in the oceanic Internet world. Moreover, the quickness of communications and contacts within and beyond the choral associations will be accelerated and they will be able to find collaborations also with other cultural associations, music foundations, private and public bodies. So we will continue the process we have successfully began with the aim of creating a virtual place made up of one “architecture” able to represent a professional and useful instrument divided into areas and whose main strong points will be the continuous updating and the capacity of intercepting the real needs of its users.

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