Feniarco gathers together more than 2.300 choirs and commits itself all along assiduously to promote various initiatives such as festivals, competitions, exhibitions, cultural events, meetings and conferences, projects for social promotions to support and valorise the choral world. A choir is the voice of those who form it, it’s an ensemble of people that express themselves artistically through singing leaded by a conductor. The conductorship distinguishes essentially the choir’s activity, the conductor is the reference point of singers, he clarifies the contents and the general structure of a music composition, he interprets the work and relates to a special instruments: one choir’s voice. The uninterrupted confrontation of the conductor with the singers involves not only the relationship between gesture and sound, but also the interpersonal relationship that the conductor establishes with each singer, apart from the choir as a whole.
The initiative inDIRECTION has its reference point in this fundamentally important figure for the existence of choral reality, its role and its education. The conductor is a musician and, at the same time, a group leader, educator, teacher, organizer of concerts and events and all these roles need for sure an adequate training.

The project idea was born to answer to the particular needs of conductors collected with a first analysis:

  • have adequate instrument to govern non-music situations within their own choir;
  • have high-improvement instruments to conduct a choir.

Belong to the first point the conductor’s ability to motivate his singers; find strategies that make easier learning and keeping concentration; solve inner conflicts that negatively influence the choir’s activity; manage the group’s anxiety for the concerts; public and other relations. The themes connected to these needs are sometimes undervalued by proper literature and by existent educative offer and sometimes people cite the important psychological and relational skills that the conductor should have but they present them as an innate fact that cannot be learned. Belong to the second point the instruments able to answer to the progressive qualitative growth of the Italian and the international choral world. The opening towards Europe is an objective and essential reality that touches since years all cultural and artistic fields, the choral world included. In this sense Feniarco, that focuses all along in stimulating and accompanying the qualitative growth of the choral world from an International point of view, offers to its conductors high-improvement courses and, referring to this initiative, organizes the European Academy for choral conductors and singers.

With the development of the project idea, that focuses both on a music and relational education of the conductor, we want to reach two first-class aims:

  • cultivate the non-music skills required to choir conductors and let them emerge, in particular those of the youngest ones, to promote a wider vision of their work;
  • grant an in progress education that can raise constantly the improvement level of choir conductors.
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