We are glad to inform you that the Ministry of Social Solidarity has accepted and financed, according to the law 383/2000 art. 12 chapter d), the initiative “CORALMENTE” that we presented and that schedules the creation of a database on the choral world that identifies in FENIARCO.

In this way we could have at our disposal a series of information that can be particularly useful to observe the amateur choral world to have an updated situation about the associated choral groups, about their composition, staff, repertoire and the promoted events, so that we can direct the Federation action to common aims, new demands and new perspective projects.

We will be able to better the “net” effect made up of the Choirs, the Regional Associations and the National Federation in order to encourage a positive exchange of knowledge from the centre to the periphery and vice versa.
To collect these data, we need your essential collaboration, without which our job would be surely more difficult.
So we kindly ask you to fill the following forms (or the documents you received per ordinary mail) and to give them back to our secretariat per post, fax or e-mail, as soon as possible.
Knowing that we can count on you, we look for receiving your answers; our secretariat is at your disposal for any further need or explanation.
If the collection of all requested data is not so immediate and requires some days more, we ask you however to give us back right now form 1/A and 1/B; the others can reach us even some days later.

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