Social Budget

The Social Budget is the mean through which we can represent quality, quantity and monetary information about the job of the Association. These are collected through coherent schemes and procedures with the aim of analyzing and interpreting this information from the inside, to observe, evaluate, plan and establish purposes according to the ethic values that characterize the Association.

In other words, the Social Budget is a mean of report that can be seen as the indicator of the social responsibility of an association, describing the relationship between it and all interest holders about quantity and quality in order to elaborate an homogeneous and transparent description of the interdependence between economic-financial, environmental, ethic-social elements on the basis of a report model.

The Social Budget is drafted with the aim of calculating the added value produced by the Association and of defining how this added value can be redistributed to the many interest holders: this supposes a long job of finding, elaboration and interpretation of the necessary data for its drafting. Then everything is organized in a document that conveys the reached purposes of the Association in an explicit and understandable way for all those who have an interest in the Association itself.

The Social Budget is not only a mean for an external report but also an inner instrument to share values and to strategically manage within the organization. It can be seen as a dynamic mean for an analysis of the organization also about the decision, organization, and job procedures and that can introduce a real survey method about the present and a projection about the future. It can give the opportunity of defining strategies and govern politics that are deep-seated in the body, being inspired by the results and aiming to their implementation.

The inner importance of the Social Budget as a managing procedure comes through:
- reflecting about the strategic set of the Association’s activity;
- the integration between the managing instruments;
- involving all the inner operators.
The external importance of the Social Budget as a report of the creation procedure of social utility comes through:
- the transparent and spread representation of the obtained results;
- developing the agreement;
- realizing an important marketing instrument.

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