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The subscription campaign for the new Choraliter is underway, and from the first issue of 2009 will be printed with the new layout and with more contents. Subscribe now with the new on-line service prepared for Feniarco editions.

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Buy on-line Feniarco editions

At last it is possible to buy on-line Feniarco editions. Through the website pages, in the section dedicated to publishing, now it’s possible to have news about the volumes but also to order and pay them immediately.

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XVIII Festival Europa Cantat - Torino 2012

The XVIII edition of Europa Cantat Festival will come to Turin in 2012. Europa Cantat Board met on 14th and 15th November in San Sebastiàn (Spain) and accepted, with great approval, the candidature of Turin to host the Festival.

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Forum for Music Education

Starting from an initiative of SIEM (Italian Society for Music Education), by request of many associations in the field, the Forum for Music Education has been set up and also Feniarco adheres to it. The Forum acts knowing that music has an unavoidable cultural role during the whole human experience.

  Manifesto Forum per l'Educazione Musicale
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Europa Cantat Appointments

On 13th and 14th November Europa Cantat Board and Youth Committee will meet in Donostía - San Sebastián, Basque Country. And from 14th to 16th November Europa Cantat General Assembly will take place together with the Conference “Innovation in the World of Singing Children”.

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Spring Festival 2009

Soon on Feniarco website all information about the Spring Festival 2009. The session for junior high school choirs will be from 17th to 19th April while the one for high school choirs will be from 23rd to 26th April 2009.

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Solo coralità
Feniarco: solo coralità...

In 2008 Feniarco began the new initiative of social promotion “Feniarco: solo coralità …”, natural prosecution of “Coralmente”, both initiatives aimed to take a census of Feniarco associated choirs, of their activity and so to the building of a data base of the choral world.

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Feniarco National Assembly

On Saturday, 8th and Sunday, 9th November Feniarco National Assembly will be held in Salerno. Presidents and delegates from the Regional Associations will be present. On this occasion activities 2008 and 2009 will be analyzed.

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Europa Cantat
Europa Cantat XVII Utrecht Festival 2009

Europa Cantat XVII Utrecht 2009 is the festival that every three years attracts more than 3.500 people: singers, conductors, professionals and simply lovers of choral music coming from all over the world. In 2009 it will be held in Utrecht, in the heart of the Netherlands, from 17 to 26 July. For more information

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Feniarco Artistic Commission

Feniarco Artistic Commission will meet on Saturday, 27th and Sunday, 28th September in Rome. Various themes will be treated during the meeting, from the big choral and educating events to publishing.

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Editorial Board

The Editorial Board chaired by Director Sandro Bergamo met on Saturday, 13th September in Mestre (VE). Different themes on the agenda, in particular the great style launch of the new magazine Choraliter.
The magazine of Italian choral world will be renewed.

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Alpe Adria Cantat
Great ending at Alpe Adria Cantat

On Saturday, 6th September the XI edition of the International Singing Week Alpe Adria Cantat ended with a great success. In the afternoon the final Concert of the Ateliers took place in the sport hall of Ge.Tur. village.

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Festival Alpe Adria
"Alpe Adria" Choral Festival

On Friday, 5th September the International Singing Week reached its height with Alpe AdriaChoral Festival. Ten concertstook place at the same time, eight in Friuli and two in Veneto. 24 choirs from all over Ital y and from abroad (Russia, Venezuela, Latvia, Sweden) were involved, hundreds of singers were ambassadors of their own countries thanks to the music.

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Italy, Latvia e Venezuela

Wednsday, 3th september, 21,00 p.m. last concert at Ge.Tur. Villagge before the big end on Saturday 6th september. The Choir:
- Coro di voci bianche "Gli Harmonici" from Bergamo (Italy)
conductor: Fabio Alberti
- Coro "Pernigele" from Liepupe (Lettonia)
conductor: Arta Zunde
- Coro de Cámara de Mérida from Mérida (Venezuela)
conductor: Melanio de Jésus

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Alpe Adria Cantat photogallery is on-line

You will find on-line the most beautiful pictures of the concert by Cluster, of the evenings in the village and of the participant choirs.

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Concerts in the Village

Tuesday, 2nd September in the "Sala blu" at Ge.Tur. Village the second concert of the Singing Week took place with:
- Coro e Piccola Orchestra Giovanile della Scuola di Musica C.E.DI.M. from Gonars (Ud)
conductors: Nadia Olivo e Tamara Mansutti
- Coro "Scherzo" from St. Petersburg (Russia)
conductor: Olga Zmiewskaya
- Coro "Aequalis Aurea" from Caracas (Venezuela)
conductor: Ana Marìa Raga

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Alpe Adria Cantat...ready to sing!

On Monday, 1st September, at 9 p.m. the first concert of the International Singing Week "Alpe Adria Cantat" inside the Ge.Tur. Village in Lignano Sabbiadoro (Ud) took place. The following choirs participated:
- Coro di voci bianche Artemìa from Torviscosa (Udine, Italy)
conductor: Denis Monte
- Mlajša Dekliška Pevska Skupina Vesela Pomlad from Opicina (Trieste, Italy)
conductor: Mira Fabjan
- Nacka Musikklasser from Nacka (Sweden)
conductor: Johan Holgersson

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Alpe Adria Cantat will be inaugurated by "Cluster"

On Sunday, 31st August at 9.30 p.m. in Piazza San Giovanni Bosco in Lignano Sabbiadoro (Ud), the Cluster, vocal quintet that participated to the recent edition of the tv programme X-Factor, will inaugurate with their wonderful voices the XI edition of the International Singing Week Alpe Adria Cantat 2008.
The concert is with free entrance.

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Chairmanship Board

On 20th and 21st August the Chairmanship Board of Feniarco composed by the President Sante Fornasier, the Vice presidents Alvaro Vatri and Pierfranco Semeraro and the Secretary Lorenzo Benedet met at the seat in San Vito al Tagliamento (Pn). The meeting focused on the next appointments and projects carried on by the Federation.

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Press conference Alpe Adria Cantat

On Thursday, 21st August at 6 p.m. in the Meeting Room of P.I.A.T. in Lignano Sabbiadoro (Ud), with the presence of the Tourism Alderman Graziano Bosello, there was the press conference to present the International Singing Week Alpe Adria Cantat and the Choral Festival Alpe Adria 2008

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Festival Corale Alpe Adria

The complete programme of the Choral Festival Alpe Adria has been defined. It will be held from 31st August to 7th September 2008 and many choirs from Italy and abroad will take part to it.

  Pieghevole Festival Corale Alpe Adria
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Alpe Adria Cantat

More than 400 people applied to the International Singing Week "Alpe Adria Cantat" that will be held in Lignano Sabbiadoro (Ud) from 31st August to 7th September 2008. Seven atelier will be activated on specific repertoires and directed by internationally renowned conductors.

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The IV European Seminar for Young Composers has ended

There were 10 nationalities represented by the Young Composers of the 2008 edition, from Poland to Armenia, from Canada to Camerun. The four activated workshops:
- ChoralComposition, director: Vic Nees
- Arranging Folk Music, director: Bruno Zanolini
- Arranging Vocal Jazz, director: Jonathan Rathbone
- Performance Practice, director: Carlo Pavese

  Istantanee da Aosta
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European Music Day

One of the most important annual appointments of culture and performing arts in Europe that is celebrated every year on 21st June. Also FENIARCO adheres to the Day in collaboration with the Regional Associations.
The list of initiatives is on the calendar of choral appointments and on the website of Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities.

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