In the last years Feniarco wanted to pay attention to the contemporary choral repertoire and compared itself on this topic during meetings, debates and congresses.

Summing up all the proposals that emerged from the different seats and the different involved categories (Choirs, Choir Conductors, Composers, Audience, Editors, Regional Associations) we deduced it is necessary:

- for Composers, to succeed in making their own work known, and that it becomes part of the repertoire of Italian choirs; winners of important international competitions often couldn’t see their works become part of the repertoire of the choirs themselves;

- for Choirs and for their Conductors, to have new pieces of middle difficulty at their disposal, offering the opportunity of coming closer to contemporary music and to its new language and expressive proposals;

- for the Audience, to listen to a new repertoire that is diversified in its style and genre proposals;

- for Editors, to distribute in the end a volume that is not a further review of ancient music or the reprinting of some anthologies containing pieces of different origins.

The interest and the enthusiasm of all those involved in the project made us know that it is not out of place; in fact it will be a valid contribute for the growing of Italian choral world.

This is why MELOS was born, a collection with great aims and with the purpose of going on in the future on the side of all choral singing fans.

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